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Return Liner



TDA gold prize

Unit Heater

Jun.1949 Established Showa Entetsu Industries for chemical equipment manufacturer.
Sep.1952 Entered into researching fab. applications for Titanium and Zirconium.
Jan.1956 Started production of Titanium Heat Exchangers.
Dec.1960 Succeeded in delivery of Vacuum Evaporation Unit (Trade Name "Return Liner").
Mar.1963 Established new division for Tantalum and Hastelloy applications. Started researching Seam Cladding.
Mar.1966 Started manufacturing Sun-Z-R products and researching Platinum clad anodes.
Aug.1969 Established new division for Niobium applications.
Mar.1975 Approved by government to manufacture The Class 1 Pressure Vessel. (Aichi Labor Standards Inspection Office Approval Number 177)
Aug.1979 Sun-Z-R was patented and registered.
May.1980 Received "1980 Invention Prize" for Sun-Z-R by Aichi Prefectural Invention Association.
Feb.1981 Received an award for distinguished contrivance for Sun-Z-R in the 6th Invention Grand Prize by Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation.
Apr.1981 Obtained a patent for SR-A (Platinum-foil clad) in Germany, U.S.A. and U.K.
Sep.1981 Developed and started production of SR-8 electrode.
Mar.1982 Obtained the first order of large anodes (SR-A and SR-8) from a major steel maker.
May.1984 Licensed Sun-Z-R Technology to Pfaudler Company in U.S.A.
Nov.1985 Received Gold Award (Industrial Section) in the 1st Titanium Application Competition held by The Titanium Development Association (now International Titanium Association) of America.
Oct.1988 Received an Award for distinguished service by Japan Titanium Society.
Jul.1989 Established Showa International Europe b.v. (now SPF Europe b.v.) in The Netherlands.
Aug.1991 Established SPF Corporation of America in U.S.A.
Oct.1991 Established Taipei branch in Taiwan, R.O.C.
May.1994 Licensed Ti/Pb Anode Technology to Republic Anode Fabricators in U.S.A.
Jul.1994 Licensed Sun-Z-R Technology to Kemira Engineering OY (now Kemira Oyj) in Finland.
Oct.2002 Agreed cooperative work with NJPEC in Nanjing, China.
Nov.2004 Firm Name was changed to SPF Company Ltd.
Jan.2005 Reorganized R&D and Sales & Marketing Divisions. Increased the capability of technology improvement, new product development and market cultivation.
Jan.2006 Approved as Aichi Quality Company. (Approval Number 230)
Feb.2006 Held study tour to Hawaii as one part of training the employee's capability to cope with globalization.
Apr.2006 Started sales of newly developed Unit Heater and Titanium Filter, under the new R&D organization.
Feb.2008 Held study tour to the Netherlands.
Aug.2008 Set up 3 offices in the Asian countries(Shanghai, Thailand and VietNam)
Feb.2009 Received an award for the Unit Heater by the Nagoya Industrial Technology Grand Prix.
Feb.2010 Received an award for the Rare Metal Bellows by the Nagoya Industrial Technology Grand Prix.
Apr.2010 Energy saving new Fin Straight developed for sales.
Apr.2010 New Route Heat Exhanger with the descaling design developed for sales.
Mar.2011 Received an award for the Rare Metal Bellows by the 28th Nagai Science and Technology Foundation.
Sep.2012 Established SPF Beijing Special Metal Products Co., Ltd.
Apr.2013 Won the order for 600pcs niobium containers.
Sep.2013 Established SPF Thailand Co., Ltd.
Nov.2013 Won the order for 1000pcs titanium containers.
Jun.2015 Received the Contrivance Award for Zirconium Bellows by the Aichi Prefectural Invention Association.