Route Heat Exchanger

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This is a compact shell and tube type heat exchanger. The shape of the tube is an asymmetrically flat in cross section. Minimizing the pressure drop, it is designed for efficiency of heat exchange and compactness. You can select corrosion resistant material among titanium, niobium, tantalum, zirconium, stainless steel (type 304, 316 and 316L) according to the type of plating solution. The capacity ranges from 1000 to 120000 liters. Niobium one is very popular with chromium plating bath which includes fluoride. SPF will provide suitable model in accordance with operating condition.

Fin straight (std / Eco)

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This is an immersion type heat exchanger that has a thin fin structure, by change the design of the heat transfer tube of Route Heat Exchanger being suitable for immersion. It is widely used for excellent efficiency of heat exchange, smooth drainage, and compact, without waste consumption of steam. This is available in flat, horizontal, and vertical configurations. Besides the standard model, SPF can design the model according to the shape of tank. You can select suitable materials among titanium, niobium, tantalum, zirconium, stainless steel (type304, 316 and 316L), or Hastelloy, in accordance with the type of plating solution.

* Eco Fin straight(2010 new products)

  • The standard form Fin Straight heat exchanger is designed to drain when the temperature reaches 100 degrees centigrade, but the new Eco type heat exchanger is designed to drain once the temperature reaches 70 degrees centigrade.
  • This difference of 30 degrees centigrade aides in achieving excellent energy savings.
  • The amount of steam required can be reduced by approximately 5-10% as shown from our test data (not guaranteed)

Unit heater

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This is external type electric heating equipment. You can select suitable corrosion resistant materials among titanium, zirconium, and etc. as the heating body, in accordance with the type of plating solution.

  • No troublesome setting up is required. Automatically control the temperature.
  • Arranged the titanium sheathed cartridge type heating element in radiating position. Efficiently carry out a heating.
  • The control panel displays the disconnection point if any. And replacing of the heating element is very easy. So, there will be only a slight influence on the working process.
  • Safety design with built-in preventing device for accidental heating. Power input up to 400V is acceptable with built-in transformer. Meet the overseas spec.

9kW, 12kW, 15kW, and 18kW is available.

Ground Heater

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Ground Heater is an immersion type electric heater of which the heating elements are completely sheathed with the corrosion resistant metals. You can select the corrosion resistant materials among titanium, stainless steel (type304, 316 and 316L).

  • Depending on the shape and size of the tank, it can be used in all vertical and horizontal positions.
  • The ground heater is available in standard sizes from 0.5kW to 9kW in single and three phases.

Cool Liner

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It is designed for direct cooling by letting refrigerant pass through the built-in resistant heat exchanger. Water chiller and internal coil are not required, and therefore the cool liner is very compact.
For the cooling of various plating and anodizing solutions, it is widely used in both at home and abroad