Sun-Z-R Bar

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This is the bus bar, with the Sun-Z-R cladding Technology to clad dissimilar metals, which thin sheet of titanium or zirconium is clad to the base metal, copper. Since the base metal and lining metal is completely bonded each other, the electric conductivity is excellent. Various shapes of cross section are available. You can select the type shape and length freely.

above tank
Its high-corrosion resistance saves you the trouble of maintenance. Bar is kept clean and there is no contamination of the electrolyte.
submerged type
Cladding the corrosion resistant metal allows the bus bar to be submerged in the plating solution. The electro-contacting area with Titanium Case or other anodes good, and energy loss caused by the heat generation is decreased sharply.
Low voltage operation enables to save electric power significantly(*). Because there is no bar above the tank, effectiveness of setting in and exhausting gas is increased.

(*As reference data, we have 15~30% of voltage drop is recorded.)

Titanium Tank

Titanium Tank

For etching solution tank, Titanium Tank is suited best. Compared with plastic tank, the initial cost of titanium tank is higher. However, taking into account the fact that you can use the latter semi-permanently, it saves the total cost and the trouble of maintenance, and reduces the impacts on the environment. For a large size tank, SPF can design and offer the cladding tank to save the material costs by cladding titanium to carbon steel with Sun-Z-R Cladding Technology, to clad dissimilar metals, which can combine the corrosion resistance with cost decreasing.

Return Liner (Vacuum Evaporation System)

Return Liner1Return Liner2leaflet_pdf

A vacuum evaporation system, the evaporator is made from corrosion resistant metals. It is possible to select the suitable materials, such as titanium, zirconium, niobium and etc. depends on user’s requirements. Major applications

  • Recycle-To recover waste solutions from etching and electroplating chemicals.
  • Cost decreasing-To decrease the treatment cost of industrial waste, by concentrating

the waste solutions.

Anodizing, electrolytic polishing jig

Titanium material is the best use for anodizing process jig, or electrolytic polishing jig for stainless steel. By using fine spring material, it accomplishes good conductivity, protection of work and durability. We have a lot of experiences about complex shapes. Please feel free to consult us.