Titanium case

Titanium case1Titanium case2leaflet_pdf

Over half a century passed since SPF has introduced Titanium Anode Basket, under the brand name of Titanium Case, and such brand name has been firmly popular in the industry. You can select the shape and size freely. SPF will propose the most suitable model according to the operating conditions.

Platinum clad Titanium Anode

Platinum clad Titanium AnodePlatinum clad Titanium Anodeleaflet_pdf

It is insoluble anode, which platinum foil is clad onto the base metals such as titanium, niobium and etc. Its appearance resembles traditional platinized anodes, but the feature is quite different. Because of the foil structure, no pin-hole on the anode, and by using the original cladding technology, its bonding strength is excellent. Further it has a long life even in the reverse current process such as etching, PR electrolysis, and etc. Expanded mesh and sheet types are basic form. Minute and complex shaped auxiliary anode, and long piece anode of several meters are also available. Discharging area of one side and both sides are available.

IrO2 +barrier anode

IrO2 barrier anode1IrO2 barrier anode2leaflet_pdf

Electro plating anodes for printed circuit board of copper sulfate have been changing from soluble anodes to insoluble ones. IrO2 anode, the main of them, has superiority in performance aspect, but has some problems of exhausting additives which contacts anode surface. Usually it is known to use diaphragm in the plating tank. This anode can singly solve the issue of consumption of additives and maintenance of diaphragm, because the anode surface has a function equivalent to diaphragm (barrier coating.)

Titanium-Lead electrode (SR-8)

Titanium-Lead electrode (SR-8)leaflet_pdf

SPF’s original product, which lead alloy is clad on the base metal of titanium. By cladding lead onto titanium only one side of the discharging area, it can eliminate stray current and minimize lead sludge. Even if the discharging area is worn, the base metal is reused. It is really low-pollution anode.

If the discharging side of the anode, it is also renewable

High Pressure Chrome Anode

High Pressure Chrome Anode1High Pressure Chrome Anode2High Pressure Chrome Anode3

This anode is manufactured by a high pressure extrusion process. Because of minute structure, it is durable. You can select the most suitable model among the various cross sections.