Representative Greetings

C.E.O. President Akira Takayasu

SPF group companies offer great solutions by using the corrosion resistant metals, and we can provide you reducing total costs, saving maintenance labor, and reducing the industrial effect on the environment.

Although the corrosion resistant metals have much difficulties to deal with, our technique has been appreciated in the chemical industry and the surface finishing field, for both of solid and clad equipment. We can meet any type of custom order.

Akira Takayasu

Management Principles

Inventive idea is unlimited.
Seek the possibilities by sprit of challenge.
Build trust relationship.
The trust relationship among the society, customers and employee is generic foundation.
Respect humanity.
Respect the humanity of employees individually, and all of us work vividly.

It is our big honor to contribute to the society by the unique fabrication. We appreciate your continuous supports and patronage for SPF Company Limited.