FGD system

coal as a power sourceSince the late 1990s the demand for coal as a power source, has been increasing, for the rapid industrialization by Asian countries. By a provisional calculation, the estimated amount of coal deposit is several times as many as that of oil or natural gas deposit, and therefore the estimated mining period of coal exceeds 200 years. At present the run short of oil resources becomes one of the big issues of this century. It is expected that importance of coal is getting larger and larger. In the burning process of coal, the sulfur dioxide(So2) is generated. It becomes sulfuric acid after it is soluble in water, and it causes acid rain problem when it is discharged into the atmosphere without treatment.

FGD system prevents such problem by chemical reaction before discharging sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere. It is very essential system to the coal fired power plant especially in Asian countries in which construction of power plants are hastened, the installation of the proper facilities according to the global regulation on prevention of environmental pollution.

Corrosion resistant metal / Resista-Clad Plate

SPF, a vendor of corrosion preventing solution, proposes the use of corrosion resistant metals to FGD process. As the material of stack internal, which is especially exposed to flue gas of high temperature and the weather, corrosion resistant metals, such as titanium, are the best.

Lining methods
(1) weld compatible metals, such as Nickel based alloys
(2) non-weld compatible metals such as Titanium

The Resista-Clad Plate process is applicable to both methods with low cost. Resista-Clad Plate is a metal fabrication technique that uses Sun-Z-R process, in which dissimilar metals are clad, and is suitable system.

Resista-Clad Plate leaflet_pdf

By Sun-Z-R process, the usage of expensive corrosion resistant metals can be minimized, and therefore cost reduction is available. Moreover, its mechanical and corrosion resistance properties are even better than those of other methods. It has been proved with over 1,000,000 s.f. (93,000m2) of actual in-service FGD installations since 1984.

Construction method

SPF has two (2) designs

(1) "Batten Bar" design
This is for new construction. Resista-Clad Plate can be fabricated in flat plates or rolled plates, and can be sheared or bent to fit any design.

Batten Bar design

(2) "Overlap Panel" design
This is for new construction or retro-fit construction. Overlap design can be fabricated in flat sheets or rolled sheets, and can be sheared or bent to fit any design.

Based on a lot of successful records, SPF will propose and design the most suitable design.