Various kinds of electrodes and original bus bars

SPF has been a major manufacturer of lead alloy anodes for chromium plating applications since 1951.
Major steel makers developed Electro Galvanizing Lines (FGL) during the early 1970s which are still used today and require the use of high efficiency insoluble electrodes.

As an electrode manufacturer, SPF has been a supplier to major steel companies to fill the demand for insoluble electrodes for thirty years.
SPF has also been a major contributor to the development and design of new types of electrodes with state-of-the-art technology in cladding titanium, stainless steel, copper, and lead.

SPF's development of the patented Sun-Z-R process for cladding copper bus bars with titanium and other exotic metals has resulted in electrodes which display ideal current feeding qualities by allowing the bus bars to be completely immersed in the electrolyte solution.
In addition to the above mentioned industrial plating anodes, SPF manufactures custom platinum foil, iridium oxide, and lead oxide anodes and can provide specialty designs and electrode products for electrolytic copper foil production.

Bus bar (Ti / Cu clad)Plated steel sheet in coil

Main products list

For plating steel sheets
Kind EGL anode, ETL anode, TFS anode, CGL anode etc.
Component IrO2, PbO2, Pt, Pb-Sn, Titanium, Niobium etc.
For surface finishing industries
Products component / features application (plating / others)
High pressure extruded Pb anodes Pb-alloy+steel,copper, titanium
minute Pb-alloy and long life
Chromium plating zinc plating
organic electrolysis copper, zinc electrolytic winning
Pb clad Ti anodes Pb-alloy + titanium
titanium substrate eliminates stray current and minimizes Pb sludge
chromium plating, zinc plating
organic electrolysis copper, zinc electrolytic winning
Pt clad anodes Pt-foil(3.5micron or more)+titanium,Niobium,Tantalum
Non-porous Pt-foil clad anodes have longer life than a conventional Pt plated anode
chromium plating, zinc plating precious metal plating,nickel plating tin plating, copper plating
organic electrolysis, Peroxide production, waste water treatment, ionic water production
IrO2 anodes IrO2 coating+titanium
Coating is applicable to high current density
chromium plating, zinc plating, precious metal plating, nickel plating, tin plating
organic electrolysis, Peroxide production waste water treatment, ionic water production, electrolytic copper- foil production
PbO2 anodes PbO2 coating + titanium
Durability and mechanical strength
chromium plating
organic electrolysis,Peroxide production
Sun-Z-R bus bars copper + titanium,zirconium,Niobium
Bus bar system can improve exhaust as well as electric power loss and plating failures caused by erratic electric conductivity
all kind of electrolysis industries